Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blessings from Oklahoma

Ambassadors of the Lord Most High

Thanks be to Yhwh, that He blesses us with the privilege to be His ambassadors. We are His hands and feet and we are called to carry His light into the darkness.
This past weekend, ORR sent a team of eight to Oklahoma City to continue relief work for the communities hit by the tornados this past May. Although, five months have past, there is still much work to be completed. Some residents are still living in tents and temporary housing. Despite these realities, we observed much hope for the future when talking with people still needing assistance.
During our time there, we ministered to several members of the community that the Lord placed in our path. We installed smoke detectors and cabinets in temporary housing, put up fencing, did some cleaning and installed sub flooring in a local mission….More importantly, we were able to share the Love of Jesus with several victims of the tornados, some just needing a sympathetic ear or a tender hug. It was beautiful to see the way that the Lord has softened hearts and brought gratitude for the simplest of things, as well as His provision.
As always, The Lord in His infinite love & wisdom, blessed and grew each team member as we served others and were served by Hope Church--as they hosted our stay.

Please continue to lift those effected up in prayer before the Father.

with Love,
Jeri Foster

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Team #1 to Oklahoma Tornado Relief

On Saturday we arrived in Moore, OK ... right in the heart of the suburbs. There was such major damage in several neighborhoods.
We met many grateful people who had just lost their homes and possessions ... except their lives and hope in God. There was lots of resources of help and many volunteers from churches - locally and nationally. Most of their homes, cars and contents were covered by insurance, which provided some hope for the future.

Sunday afternoon and Monday, we arrived in McLoud OK near Shawnee ... which is a very rural area. We witnessed major damage on a much smaller scale. There was not many resources but the volunteers really started to show up (holiday weekend); to help those affected by the tornadoes. Many of these folks have no insurance and live in trailers and small homes in isolation. These victims really were relying on family, friends, and volunteers from the local church for their basic needs and daily necessities.

My observations of the situation there this past weekend: The Church of the Lord Jesus is alive and well - being the hands and feet of Jesus; doing good works that He prepared in advance for us to do. Eph 2:10

Ed Karbowski

Honor to Serve

It was such an honor to be able to go down to Moore, Oklahoma this weekend.
Upon arrival to the disaster zone, we quickly started assessing the damage and how much was needing to be done ... and listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
We connected with a sweet older lady and her family. They had a family member park their RV in her driveway (to live in), with mountains of debris all around. When asked about how they survived, she immediately started to give all the credit (for saving them) to God. Her family normally takes shelter in the now nonexistent hallway of their home ... whenever the sirens were activated. But God had made it possible for the family to be chosen by the State of Oklahoma to receive (a free) underground storm shelter! And it was installed only two weeks prior to the deadly tornado!
She could not stop giving praise to God for saving her family

People were very receptive to telling their story and accepting emotional support. It was amazing to watch neighbors helping each other look for personal belongings or cleaning up. Even though they had equal, if not more loss in their own home. It was such an honor and blessing to serve and love on the people of Oklahoma.

Coletta Matson

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore. OKC, Edmond, Shawnee Oklahoma

Greeting Dear Saints of the Most High ...

Father has opened the doors for ORR to respond to the disasters in OK. We will be sending a Team down there for the long holiday weekend. This Team will partner with and base out of a local church, close to the devastated areas.  We will help the victims our L-rd puts before us, though we will be surveying many areas (especially those receiving little to no help), over many counties ... to set up for future teams over the next few months. There is an enormous amount of help needed and work to be done. Please let ORR know if you are willing and led to go. Most Teams will be over 3-day weekend schedule, but if there is enough interest, we will also send week-long Teams. Remember: You do NOT need a specific skill set to be a part of these Teams ... just a willingness to Love others and let G-d Love through You! Be blessed and please keep praying and interceding ... THANKS!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma Storms May, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters ... we have yet another opportunity to serve our Fellow Man. We have tremendous interest in sending team(s) to the Oklahoma City area to help the victims of the latest round of storms. 

We are seeking G-d's Direction and Will for all of the details. Please pray for these victims and the first responders. As we seek / plan His Response to go, be aware that we need ALL OF YOU to partner with us! Prayers, intercession and resources are vitally needed. We will organize as many Teams as needed over the next month or two. Be advised that the rescue operation is underway, and as such, most NGOs will not be granted access to the disaster area until this part is completed. We are looking to send a 'lead team' there as early as this week/weekend ... with larger teams to follow. If you have questions or are led to go, contact: or Thanks for all your support for ORR. Blessings to You!